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Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is the overlay of digital elements onto the real world. The real world is captured through a camera and elements such as 3D animations, videos are placed in it before it is shown on a screen. By delivering context-sensitive information at the right time, Augmented Reality helps improve efficiencies and creates highly engaging experiences.Since 2012, Merxius has been innovating in the field of Augmented Reality – winning theAegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation in Augmented Reality, nomination by the IET, UK amongst “Top 5 companies in the world innovating in IT”, “Best Startup Award” at eINDIA Indian’s largest ICT event and several more.

We’ve been working with partners in diverse sectors – defense, marketing and automobile – to realise the potential of Augmented Reality in their businesses.

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality immerses users into a completely digital world. With the aid of special eyewear and other devices, the user sees and hears the sights and sounds of a completely different reality.
Users can experience an out-of-body like experience where they can experience an environment without actually being there. Home owners can visit their new home in person, without physically being there in a completely immersive manner far more advanced and real than traditional walkthroughs or video footage.

Merxius is at the forefront of Virtual Reality in India – building digital and immersive worlds for defense, real estate and tourism.