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Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is the overlay of digital elements onto the real world. The real world is captured through a camera and elements such as 3D animations, videos are placed in it before it is shown on a screen. By delivering context-sensitive information at the right time, Augmented Reality helps improve efficiencies and creates highly engaging experiences.Since 2012, Merxius has been innovating in the field of Augmented Reality – winning theAegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation in Augmented Reality, nomination by the IET, UK amongst “Top 5 companies in the world innovating in IT”, “Best Startup Award” at eINDIA Indian’s largest ICT event and several more.

We’ve been working with partners in diverse sectors – defense, marketing and automobile – to realise the potential of Augmented Reality in their businesses.

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality immerses users into a completely digital world. With the aid of special eyewear and other devices, the user sees and hears the sights and sounds of a completely different reality.
Users can experience an out-of-body like experience where they can experience an environment without actually being there. Home owners can visit their new home in person, without physically being there in a completely immersive manner far more advanced and real than traditional walkthroughs or video footage.

Merxius is at the forefront of Virtual Reality in India – building digital and immersive worlds for defense, real estate and tourism.



Human interaction with computers has been evolving. From punch cards to keyboards to touch screens. The next step in the evolution is natural gestures.Computers can now see and understand the human body and its gestures. This opens up a whole new level of possibilities where the human becomes the interaction mechanism.

With deep knowledge and understanding of interactive technologies, Merxius is creating experiences for helping companies. connect better with their consumers by conveying the relevant message in an entertaining manner.